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Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Councilwoman Elizabeth Beck, Regional Black Contractors Association Chairman John Proctor,

Lorraine Miller, And Other Community Leaders Call On Community To

Vote For Wallace Bridges For School Board

Fort Worth, TX - Wallace Bridges campaign for Fort Worth Independent School Board of Education District 4 received major endorsements today from proven community leaders. Councilwoman Elizabeth Beck, Regional Black Contractors Association Chairman John Proctor, Lorraine Miller, Kendyll Locke, Shawn Lassiter, Dr. Whitnee Boyd, Geraldine Williams, Myiesha Taylor MD, and Haley Taylor Schlitz all announced their support for Wallace Bridges’ campaign for the Fort Worth ISD District 4 special election.

“I am honored that many proven community leaders are endorsing my campaign for District 4 of the Fort Worth ISD Board of Education. To have the support of Councilwoman Beck, John Proctor and historic community leaders such as Lorraine Miller demonstrates that our campaign focused on building strong schools and neighborhoods is what our community wants to see us focus on. We can’t have strong schools without strong neighborhoods focused on the education needs of our students. I am committed to building the strong schools and neighborhoods voters want” said Mr. Bridges.

Mr. Bridges is running in the special election to fill the vacancy on the Fort Worth Independent School District Board of Education District 4 that was created with the unfortunate passing of former Boardmember Daphne Brookins. Mr. Bridges has lived in the Historic Southside neighborhood of Fort Worth since 1997 and has worked as a community organizer focusing on youth for decades.

“I am a dad, husband, PTA President, Historic Southside Neighborhood Association President, and have lived in our community for over 25 years. My children have attended Fort Worth ISD schools and I understand the issues that the families in District 4 are facing with their students. I am committed to addressing our education needs because I live here and I am completely vested in student outcomes. Voters in District 4 do not have to worry about what my priorities will be” said Mr. Bridges.


About Wallace Bridges

Wallace Bridges is a proven grassroots community leader who has spent his life advocating for the needs and wellbeing of youth across Fort Worth. His work has focused on building community-based mentoring programs that engage our youth and inspire them to become the next generation of impactful leaders our community will need to create positive change.

Wallace has served in many leadership positions throughout his career. He started his purpose-driven community work as the Community Service Director at Bethlehem United Community Center. He oversaw the building of a robust youth program that would grow to provide services to 120 youth. He currently serves as an outreach program coordinator for a community non-profit organization where he provides youth intervention services during times of crisis.

Wallace has also served Fort Worth by volunteering for many community-based organizations. He serves as the President of the Historic Southside Neighborhood Association and as the neighborhood representative for the Fort Worth Community Action Partnership. He also serves as the PTA President for Van Zandt Guinn Elementary School.

Wallace’s dedication and work has been recognized by many community leaders and organizations. He is a powerful mentor and change agent whose main concern is inspiring and empowering every young person to take charge of their own future and rise above the expectations of their circumstances.

Wallace was born in New Orleans and has spent the last 29 years in Fort Worth. He is married and has 4 children.

You can follow her on social media at the following:


Facebook @BridgingThePossibilities

Twitter @Bridges4FWISD

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